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Q: Is a Marriage Commissioner the same as a Justice of the Peace?

A: No. A Justice of the Peace (JP) works within the judicial system and performs lots of different duties, including hearing traffic cases, issuing subpoenas and search warrants and conducting bail hearings. However, a JP cannot conduct civil marriages unless he or she is appointed as a Marriage Commissioner in the Province of Alberta.

Q What is a civil wedding ceremony?

A A civil wedding ceremony is one that contains no religious elements. A couple may choose to include some religious components in their civil ceremony, but they cannot be performed by the Marriage Commissioner.

Q What do we need to get married by a Marriage Commissioner?

A You will require a registration of marriage (aka marriage license), which can be obtained at any Alberta Registries Office and is valid for 3 months. The cost of your license is not included. More information about Marriage Licences is available at

Q How long does the ceremony take?

A The civil wedding ceremony generally lasts about 20 minutes.

Q Do you have standard vows that you use or do we write our own?

A The Alberta government provides vows that can be used or edited to suit the couple. Or the couple may choose to write their own vows. However, there are legal requirements that must be met, which Shaughan will be happy to discuss with you.

Q Do we have to exchange rings?

A No, there is no requirement that rings be exchanged during a civil marriage ceremony.

Q Will you do a rehearsal with us?

A We can arrange for a formal rehearsal, if required.

Q What if we don't have our own witnesses?

A With advance notice, we can arrange witnesses for you. There may be a fee.

Q What are your fees?

A The basic fee is $275.00 and includes pre-wedding meetings, completion and submission of all paperwork and residing over your civil marriaage ceremony. Rehearsal fee is $50.00 and mileage is not charged if your wedding takes place within Leduc city limits. Shaughan will be happy to discuss payment options at your initial meeting.

I had no idea how stressful planning a wedding could be ... (Shaughan's) sense of humor and warmth helped me through some of the craziest of days, including the biggest day of them all. Shaughan was indeed our 'marriage commissione', but to us she was also our rock.

~ Jane and Jay Boutilier

I would highly recommend Shaughan Whalen to anybody looking for a GREAT Wedding Commissioner. She is great at her job and makes you feel comfortable, loved and your big day is like hers as well.

~ The Ravens

One of the most important things Shaughan told my fiancé and me from the start was to “Remember that this is YOUR day”. Those words echoed in my mind over the next few months of decision making and planning, juggling and over-thinking.

From the first phone call, right to the end she was informative, supportive, professional, approachable and kind. We are looking forward to her renewing or vows when the time comes.

~ J.B

We were concerned what would be thought of our Wednesday Wedding at our own home (being small) but we were treated great and no different than if it was a Church Wedding with 100+ guests.

Thank you so much for being part of our wedding day, for such a lovely ceremony (we received lots of comments) and being so supportive and helpful.

~ Matt and Kate

Thank you so much for doing such a great job at our ceremony. We were honoured to have you be a part of our wedding ceremony. Thank you for adding so much humour and for making it so special. You knocked it out of the park for us. We have received lots of positive feedback about the ceremony and that is thanks to you.

~ The Pauls

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